10 Most Interesting Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a decent phone. Even with the release of its successors, the S5 and the S6, the handset is still pretty nice. The function of the phone is great, running on a quad core processor. There are a number of apps that you can have on your Samsung Galaxy S4. The top most include:



Galaxy S4 Sensors

The app is available on Google Play for free. It senses the different elements, allowing the user to sense light, temperature and humidity among other elements. This helps one to get the perfect light settings for photographs or even predict the weather such as rain and dress accordingly.




Morecast is a great weather app that is available for Android phones. It has a great user interface and provides a clear and sensible layout. This app is free and features side by side weather comparisons for two cities. It is a must-have as it helps to know what weather is likely to be experienced wherever you are.

7 minute workout



This app helps in health and fitness. The 7 minute workout deals with short routines that are high in intensity to aid in loss of weight and improvement of cardiovascular function. This lifestyle app is one to have on your S4.

Action Launcher 3



Action Launcher 3 is a launcher app for android phones such as the S4. The launcher allows you to make changes and customize icons, home screen folders and app layout.

CSR Racing



CSR Racing is a super real racing game, running on the 1080 pixel resolution on the Galaxy S4. It provides the user with an experience that is available on gaming consoles. It is available on Google Play for free.

Magisto Video Editor and maker



It combines video clips and photos on your phone, pairs them with themes and background music to create some nice videos on your phone. You can download it on Google play free of charge.

Universal Remote



The universal remote app turns your S4 into a universal remote with compatibility with over 300, 000 devices. It can work on your TV and your set top box and is much cheaper than a normal universal remote. It is available at 2.49 Euros on Google Play.



For about $8 a month, you can stream your favorite shows and movies through the Netflix app. Entertainment is at the tip of your fingers through the app on your Galaxy S4.

Everything Home



Everything Home is an app that is available for free on Google Play. It guides you. All you do is speak into the app and it finds what you want or something related locally and online.

Floating browser



The floating browser is a free app from Google Play designed for the S4 and other android devices. It allows you to open web windows while still using some of the other screens for other tasks.

10 Most Interesting Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4