Basic Security Tips For iPhone Users

At a time, when cybercrime is one the rise and security has taken the most crucial role, people look to secure their gadgets all the time. It is considered that the iPhones are secured. However, there is always scope of improvements. The recent hacking on the Apple proved that no gadget is secured. However, simple practices and the efforts can also enhance the security of the iPhone. Here are the simple tips that can improve the security of the iPhone.



People generally keep 4 digit digital code for unlocking the phone. However, strong password can eliminate the fear of hacking at the first place. The unlocking password is the first gateway and one must take it pretty seriously. A strong password with the combination of letters, numbers and symbols is most effective password for iPhone.

Lock Screen Notification


It does not matter how strong your password is, the lock screen notifications can always reveal some of your information. It is therefore best to disable the lock screen notification to give no ground to the hackers in case your iPhone is attacked. You can change it from the Settings within the Passcode section of the iPhone.

Two Step Verifications

You must turn on the two step verifications for the Apple ID and the iCloud services. These are the most vulnerable features of the iPhone and you must ensure tightest security possible for the sake of security. You can register another device that you control for the verification process and ensure highest security standard.


Siri is interesting and equally fascinating. However, you must disable the Siri when the screen is locked. This is the best practice for highest security standard. Also you must disable the activation of Siri with the voice command of “Hey Siri”. These are very significant security tips for the iPhones.

Auto Sync to iCloud


You must disable the auto sync to the iCloud. This can be very disastrous for the iPhone users. One must ensure that iCloud has only those data that you want, the auto sync feature can put everything there and that is very vulnerable indeed.

Wi-Fi Connections

The iPhone users generally have automatic Wi-Fi connections for the previously used or known networks. However, cybercrime can take place by using the fake network for Wi-Fi on the same ground to access your data. It is true that auto recognition and connection to the networks saves time and efforts but that can prone to hacking.

Apps and browsers

Your browsers have the options for cookies, turning those off can be very good security options. You can always turn off the auto fill options as well. You must not allow the apps to use your personal details in order to enhance the security.

Security Apps

There are ranges of security apps available free or paid for the iPhones. You can use the security apps to increase the security level even more. Security apps like mSecure, Lookout, Best Phone Security Pro, Foscam Surveillance Pro are few of the examples of the security apps.

You can ensure higher security of your iPhones with these simple tips.


Basic Security Tips For iPhone Users

What Antivirus Should I Use?

Antiviruses are usually the most essential, but the least credited software in the entire technology arena. Antiviruses are essential programs for all types of computers as well as mobile devices due to the extent of hacking and malicious programs being released on a periodic basis. Most modern PCs and laptops come bundled with an antivirus software along with a year’s worth of subscription, however, most users rarely extend their subscription beyond the initial period.


To stay safe from malicious programs and harmful viruses that have the ability to inflict serious damage, you should opt for an antivirus that has been tried and tested to offer the maximum protection. Antiviruses are always evolving according to the latest threats and viruses and are expected to be proactive in protecting your device from all programs with malicious intent.


As far as choosing an antivirus goes, don’t take a leap of faith and hope for the best. You can’t simply choose an antivirus program because it did wonders for your friend or colleague. Individual requirements vary, but from a user’s perspective, there are a few antiviruses that will be able to help you stay protected from most threats.


Bitdefender Total Security


Bitdefender is one of the most popular antiviruses, and has been ruling the rooster for many years. Bitdefender offers complete protection for your PC, and is known to update its virus definitions frequently to keep you protected from even the most advanced and latest threats. Although Bitdefender is a bit resource intensive, it offers a great deal of features and conveniences without affecting the performance of your PC in any manner. Bitdefender Total Security can cost you $58.47, and is one of the most cost-effective antiviruses in the market.


Kaspersky Antivirus


Kaspersky is a light-weight antivirus that takes up the least amount of resources for offering the maximum protection against new antiviruses and malware. Kaspersky comes in as the second best antivirus to Bitdefender, and is also hugely popular among both home as well as business users. Kaspersky Antivirus is available in three different subscription packages, the Antivirus package, the Internet Security package, and the Total Security package. These packages cost $59.99, $79.99, and $99.99 respectively, but they do offer seasonal discounts and offers, especially for longer subscriptions.


McAfee Antivirus


McAfee is a popular antivirus among users who use multiple devices, as McAfee supports unlimited installations. The one year subscription for McAfee stands at $44.99, easily making it one of the most affordable and feature-rich antiviruses in terms of competition. McAfee also supports a wide range of functionalities that offer added protection against new virus threats and malware.


Norton Security


Norton is an established and trusted antivirus software that offers a great deal of features, albeit with a slight dip in system performance. Norton is a huge software, and has one of the most exhaustive set of virus definitions and functionalities that will eat up system resources. However, the added benefits will outweigh the small drawbacks, and it will only cost you $49.99 for a yearly subscription.


What Antivirus Should I Use?

Top 3 Smartphones Hard To Be Hacked

It is difficult to stand out from the crowd and invest in a smartphone that is solely dedicated towards privacy and security. In this day and age, several factors determine the choice of a smartphone. The form factor, the features, camera, design, battery backup, and even the operating system plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a smartphone in the market. However, the problem with all modern smartphones is that they have a huge amount of privacy loop-holes and security risks that make them inherently dangerous to your private and sensitive data.

Even the most accomplished operating systems such as iOS and Android have a great deal of security risks that make them vulnerable to hackers. If security is your primary concern, you should invest in a smartphone that is not privacy oriented, but hard to be hacked. There are a lot of options in the smartphone market that promises high levels of security and privacy, but there are only a handful of models that truly deliver on their promise of ensuring the safety of your data and conversations. We took a close look at the most security oriented smartphones to come up with the top 3 smartphones hard to be hacked.

Blackphone 2 From Silent Circle


Blackphone 2 is a security oriented smartphone that was designed and developed by Silent Circle. Blackphone 2 runs on an advanced version of the Android OS, and has been modified by the developers to offer greater levels of security and convenience without making any compromises on the anticipated features list. The Blackphone 2 features a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, which provides it the essential speed and performance as expected from a smartphone. Measuring a healthy 5.5 inches, the Blackphone also comes with 32 GB internal storage along with additional storage options through a memory card. Blackphone 2 is high on the list for buyers looking for a secure and private smartphone without the associated drawbacks.

PRIV From BlackBerry


BlackBerry has been a company that was built on the foundation of security and privacy for professional mobile users. The company still concentrates their efforts on a smart and secure mobile device, and their latest Android offering, the PRIV, promises to offer the best in security and privacy. The PRIV runs on a 600 MHz GPU with a 64 bit Hexa-core processor and 3GB RAM. The phone also features a 32 GB internal storage with expandable memory options.

Lumia 950 From Microsoft


Windows phone is considered to be the most secure mobile OS platform by most security experts and mobile hackers. Potential hackers turn away from Windows phones due to multiple levels of security and the easy availability of other smartphone users from the iOS and Android OS categories. The Lumia 950 series is an amazing smartphone from Microsoft that offers a great deal of features at an attractive price point to give some of the accomplished smartphones in the market a run for their money.

Top 3 Smartphones Hard To Be Hacked

Is It Safe To Surf The Dark Web ?

Dark web is one of the most controversial aspects of the modern world. These are the websites that are run on the unindexed databases. So, in simple words, these are public websites that anyone can use. However, the IP addresses of the same will not be available anywhere and it is not possible to track down the servers that are running the websites. These websites cannot be crawled by the Search Engines as well.

How to use the Dark Web?


The Dark Web is generally made using the Tor Encryption Tool. This ensures that the IP addresses jumps several layers and appears to be different. When you are using such websites, Tor browsers should be used. It is a Tor Encryption that allows you to use the Dark Web with the same properties. However, you must know that even your IP address will be spoofed by the Tor browser. However, it is not necessary that all the Dark Webs are made of Tor Encryption tools. There are others based on I2P as well. However, the basic fundamental of accessing and visiting the sites remain the same, you need to use the same encryption tool.

Is it safe to use the Dark Web?

This is something very scary for the users. The name Dark Web itself gives the impression that how dangerous it can be. However, this is not the case. When we talk about the public web, we have plenty malwares, viruses and others. This is an equal threat for the users. The situation is same for the Dark Web as well. However, the risks of getting infected are higher than normal web. We have some secured and reputed websites in Public Web. However, nothing can be trusted in the dark world. But, the risks can be reduced by considerable amount and that can make accessing the Dark Web lot safer.

How to increase the safety of Dark Web?

Stealing online information

The first thing is that you should be very careful about the content you are using. You never know which may go against you. You should be very particular about the information you are using in the Dark Web. The email id should be a throwaway email that has never been used before. Also, make sure you have not used the id for any user id ever. It is always advisable not to provide any personal information on the dark web. You know that the risk is more and it is always better to be more careful. You can use Tails for better privacy and security as well. This ensures the privacy even in the dark web. It is always better not to download something from the Dark Web. You never know about the malicious items that are present across the Dark Web. The Dark Web is vulnerable, but some simple precautions can make it lot safer for you.

This is one of the most amazing parts of the internet. Dark Web is getting popular with each passing day and the safety concerns are also rising with the same.

Is It Safe To Surf The Dark Web ?

World Famous Hackers of All Time

There are many speculations and ideas about the hackers in real life. However, in reality hackers are very different. They are obviously geeks and tech savvy. They are so dedicated and proficient that they can breach the computer system. There have many such hackers in the world who are famous for their deeds. Here are top 7 famous hackers in the world of all time.


Jonathan James


He was sentenced to jail when he was only 16 years old for hacking. He stunned the entire world at this young age. Jonathan James created a backdoor for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Server. This is responsible for securing the threat for the Department of Defense of the United States. With the backdoor, Jonathan created a way to access the emails and employee user name and passwords as well. He went on to hack NASA Computers and stole software worth $1.7 million. NASA was forced to shut down the computers due to the same. He however later said that the code did not worth $1.7 million. He now says that he understood his mistake and would love to start computer security business in life.


Adrian Lamo


He is one of the hackers who is famous for his ability to hack computer systems and let the organization known about the flaws. Adrian has hacked into major companies like The New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo, Bank of America, Citigroup and others. However, things got serious when he hacked NY Times as he added his name in the list of experts as well. He was served with hefty fine and six months house arrest. He now works as journalist and speaker.




He started his hacking with hacking Los Angeles Bus Punch Card systems for cost free riding. However, he went on to hack many other computer systems. However, things got serious when he hacked Digital Equipment Corporation. He has even hacked the national defense security warning systems as well. He was convicted for his offenses.




He is one of the most famous hackers in the world. He hacked the phone lines of the LA Radio’s KIIS-FM phone. He got a brand new Porsche for the same. He was however more into hacking phone lines that computer networks. He was convicted for his crimes as well. After serving the terms, he now works as a Journalist.


Steven Wozniak

steven wozniak

He is the other “Steve” of the Apple. The Co-Founder of Apple is also famous for his hacking. He once hacked telephone switching system bypassing and made blue boxes that would make the free calls over long distances. He then applied everything to make a secured and strong computer. His contribution is immense in Apple.


Robert Tappan Morris


Morris is famous for creating the Morris Worm. This was done through hacking and the worms were released in the computers. It can eventually make the computer useless. He served his punishment and now works as professor.




He caught hacking the Oxford University system and was banned for using the computers. He however went on to for the World Wide Web or WWW that is the most common thing in the internet now.

These hackers have raised the bar of technology and increased the level of security in the computer networks as well.

World Famous Hackers of All Time