What To Expect From The New LG G5

LG has always released its flagships after Samsung and other major brands which has affected the purchases. This year, it is not given that LG will either do as it has in the recent past or if it will release the LG G5 earlier than other competing power houses. The release date however, is rumored to be within the first six months of 2016 with the announcement rumored to be in February, noting that LG has announced an event one day before the MWC.

Specifications, Design and Function


The phone is expected to be an all metal unibody. This is the first time LG is using the all metal approach. The furthest LG has come to incorporating a metal design on their phones is the use of a metal casing. The 2K display is expected to be 5.5 inches which is quite sizeable although the resolution is expected to be the same, at 1440 by 2560 pixels.

The LG G5 is said to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 32 GB storage.

The primary camera is rumored to be 20 MP. The rear camera may have two LED flash bulbs and an autofocus that is laser-assisted. In addition to this, it is also rumored that LG G5 will use a dual camera that takes wide angle photos. The front camera is expected to be 8 MP. It is hoped that the front camera will be able to take high quality photos in high and low light environments, solving a problem that has been noted in other high end smart phones from different manufacturers. The LG G5 is expected to have a finger print scanner under the camera. LG had hinted at using retina scanning technology in their new models in order to distinguish it from Samsung and Apple phones. Retinal scanning may be used for functions such as authenticating mobile payments and other sensitive phone transactions. The camera is one of the best features of LG phones so it will not disappoint.

The phone is unlikely to have a removable battery or micro SD support. This is then contradicted by the rumor that the phone may have a SIM-car-like tray where one places the battery and slides it in, making the battery accessible through the all-metal frame. Rumor has it that the battery will reduce from 3000 mAh to 2800 mAh although it is not yet clear what such a change would mean for the processor and functioning of the phone. In addition, the LG G5 is rumored to have a magic slot which will give the user access to other hardware options such as a physical keyboard and sound amplifiers.


For those waiting for this flagship, February is around the corner and we can only hope that LG will announce the phone and shed light on what exactly will be on the LG G5. Release dates and pricing will also be available at the announcement. Hopefully LG will give users something to look forward to, especially because Samsung and Apple usually announce and release their flagships around the same time.

What To Expect From The New LG G5

LG’s Bendable Displays Are Here

Electronic consumables have changed the way we perceive things. New and innovative technological advancements have allowed us to witness our world in different light, and have become one of the most creative outlets for the modern mind. One of the newest trends in the electronics industry is to provide curved and flexible screens for modern devices that range from smartphones to large televisions.

Several companies such as Sony and Samsung have been attempting a wide range of curved designs that have rather appealed greatly to a large group of consumers. However, it is LG that stands a great chance of revolutionising the concept by offering flexible and bendable displays.

Yes, it is now possible to roll up our televisions like a large sheet of paper and store them away for travel or storage, and only take them out when we they are needed. There are multiple practical applications of flexible and bendable screens, and LG has come up with a radical concept in OLED technology that allows us to bend or roll up a screen without affecting the screen in any manner. These screens are extremely thin, and are also considered to be extremely light. Although still in a development phase, we can expect LG to resolve the issues over the next few months to display a complete prototype that will have all niggles and problems ironed out, quite literally.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology has made it possible for electronics manufacturers to come up with some unique designs for televisions, smart phones, and other electronics, but LG has taken a step further and has released a prototype television that actually works. LG already sells a curved smartphone, the LG G Flex, which is the world’s first curved smartphone. If LG manages to commercialize and develop a viable flexible screen, the opportunities for a flexible smartphone, tablet, or even a personal computer are many.


Apart from the form factor, and the ability to transport or store them easily, flexible screens also help in preventing damage, and can be considered as more durable than traditional televisions and smart phones. Flexible screens will have the ability to absorb impacts, and can be flexible against a wide variety of problems that arise out of daily usage. Flexible displays also allow buyers to make use of their existing space more effectively, and will certainly help homeowners to make use of under-utilised space within their homes.

Companies such as Samsung and Apple have been promising this technology for their smartphones for the past few years, but we are yet to see a working prototype. LG, on the other hand, should be commended for their efforts into actually developing such a flexible and bendable display, and we can expect even more revolutionary ideas from this company in the coming years.

LG’s Bendable Displays Are Here

9,500-Year-Old Tree Found in Sweden Is The World’s Oldest Tree

The world’s oldest tree, a 9,500-year-old Norwegian Spruce named “Old Tjikko,” after Professor Leif Kullman’s Siberian husky, continues to grow in Sweden. Discovered in 2004 by Kullman, professor of Physical Geography at Umeå University, the age of the tree was determined using carbon-14 dating.

“During the ice age sea level was 120 meters lower than today and much of what is now the North Sea in the waters between England and Norway was at that time forest,” Professor Kullman told Aftonbladet. Winds and low temperatures made Old Tjikko “like a bonsai tree…Big trees cannot get as old as this.”

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Credits for Text and images: BoredPanda.com

9,500-Year-Old Tree Found in Sweden Is The World’s Oldest Tree