The Coolest VR Gadgets – Virtual Reality Is Within Our Reach

Virtual Reality is considered as the most important innovation in the field of consumer technology. Virtual reality gadgets are no longer a mere concept and has quickly managed to capture the imagination of mainstream technology buyers from all over the world. There are several gadgets available for gamers, designers, and developers that offers new platforms to enjoy a multitude of games, videos, and a wide variety of other entertainment media in a never-seen-before experience.

According to current industry trends, smartphone and tablet users rarely shop around for virtual reality gadgets, but all of that is set to change with the intervention of large multi-national corporations, who have started adopting several gadgets into their marketing strategies. Companies and major publishing houses are also using virtual reality gadgets as part of their services portfolio, and are enticing their customers to adopt this vibrant technology moving forward.

The market is inundated with several virtual reality gadgets for several devices, but there are few outstanding devices that are really worth investing in. Some of these virtual reality gadgets include Oculus Rift VR, Samsung VR Headset, Microsoft Hololens, Google Cardboard, and FOVE, among many others. Let us take a close look at the most popular VR gadgets available right now.

Oculus Rift VR


Oculus Rift is a virtual reality gadgets designed for dedicated gaming on a Windows PC. Oculus Rift is one of the leading VR gadgets that is considered to be the best among the current crop of gadgets available in the market right now. With an immersive virtual reality experience and a great set of useful and responsive controllers, the Oculus Rift VR has all the makings of being the next big thing in Virtual Reality. Oculus VR was designed and developed by a team of highly capable designers, who believe in constant innovation and incorporation of media feedback to ensure that they launch the best virtual reality gadget in the marketplace. The painstaking attention to detail and the quality of materials used is a testimony to the fact that Oculus Rift and GEAR VR has garnered much hype and attention to become a popular tool in the entertainment industry.

Samsung VR Headset

samsung vr

Samsung VR Headset is Samsung’s own attempt at creating a dedicated virtual reality gadget for their range of smartphones that include the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and S6 Edge. It is designed and developed in conjunction with Oculus as a GEAR VR, and comes as a strap on headset into which you can you strap your smartphone for a virtual reality experience. The only drawback is that the Samsung VR Headset is only compatible with the latest range of smartphones, therefore, previous generation Samsung smartphone users will not be able to enjoy the virtual reality experience.

Microsoft Hololens

microsoft vr

Microsoft Hololens takes a different approach to virtual reality, and instead of designing a support gadget for an existing device, Microsoft has developed an entirely new concept that acts as a self-sustaining Windows 10 computer integrated into a cordless smart-glass headset. It is capable of a simulating a wide range of movements and hand gestures by using multiple sensors and controllers. Microsoft Hololens is by far the most expensive virtual reality gadget in the market.

Things are looking bright for the virtual reality concept. With time and future development, virtual reality gadgets are guaranteed to become more utilitarian as well as affordable for the common man.

The Coolest VR Gadgets – Virtual Reality Is Within Our Reach

This Architect Has Designed An Underwater City Of The Future

It’s no secret that the future is formidable when it comes to contending with overpopulation, loss of habitats, and environmental devastation. Add to that the rising sea levels, and it all looks pretty grim.

But it’s also human nature to persevere, and that’s what architect and designer Vincent Callebaut is planning to do.

The Belgian architect has developed enormous plans for developing entire cities in the world’s oceans. Named Aequorea (after a species of bioluminescent jellyfish), Callebaut’s designs for unique homes create beautiful, almost-alien visions of the future.

But what could they possibly be built from? With our world facing shortages of so many materials, there’s one resource we have in abundance: trash.

And while automated trash-collecting machines have been developed to clean oceans — like Mr. Trash Wheel, who’s cleaning up the Jones Falls River and Baltimore Harbor — the trash could still be used for something, maybe even constructing the home of the future.

Callebaut’s plan is to use the thousands of tons of trash in the Earth’s oceans and waterways to build these cities. Combined with algae, the plastics would be broken down and recreated into building materials. The components would be 3D printed and linked together to form futuristic spires and domes for these floating cities.

Check out his concept art for Aequorea, and see if you can imagine living in the ocean and seeing marine life cruising by your windows every day. It’s a pretty mind-bending concept!

Obviously Aequorea still only exists in a concept phase, but it’s designed to be a perfectly sustainable dwelling place for human beings.

Each “village,” like the one seen here, would be capable of supporting 20,000 people.
Light, Callebaut says, would be generated by bioluminescent organisms, and the ocean currents would propel turbines for power and climate control.
Callebaut’s vision even goes beyond the everyday needs of an oceanic city. In his dream of the future, there is economic stability, world peace, and cures for the diseases that plague so many today.
You can see more of Vincent Callebaut’s designs on his website, including proposals for all kinds of futuristic makeovers all over the world.


This Architect Has Designed An Underwater City Of The Future

Use This Online Service To Find Your Very Own Lookalike

Finding someone that looks just like you is a strange experience, whether it is in real life or online. For most people, it never happens. But now, there’s an online service that’ll help you find your double named Twin Strangers.

After making a profile, the service will find another you living somewhere on this Earth. They already have a channel full of success stories.

Having the same hair, makeup, and clothing helps these people look even more similar…but it’s still fascinating!




Use This Online Service To Find Your Very Own Lookalike