iPhone 7 – Missing features

iphone 7 camera and flash

iPhone 7 is set for release in September alongside the iPhone 7 Plus variant which is much larger and considered more of a phablet. There have been different rumors circulating purporting to know exactly what the iPhone 7 is going to look like and how well it is expected to function.

While some of the sources are reliable, the specifications will be known for sure once the phone is released by the manufacturer. Aspects of the pone such as design have all but been confirmed by the availability of different accessories such as screen protectors and cases.

There are a number of missing features in the iPhone 7:

Iris scanner

The iris scanner is not present in the iPhone 7 but it is expected in the iPhone 8. Samsung moved to the iris sensor in the 2016 flagships. Including a fingerprint scanner would have placed the iPhone 7 a step above other flagships as the use of this technology provides for more secure communication and transaction via devices.

The fingerprint scanner has been used in phones for some time now and while it is also a way of securing mobile phone transactions and access, the iris scanner is the next step up in securing these transactions further.

Headphone Jack

It is highly likely that Apple has done away with the 3.5 mm jack that was present in previous models. Instead, there has been a leak about a lightning charger which further confirms the speculation.

The rumor about this led to up to 300,000 users signing an online petition to have the jack kept. However, this opens up more use of wireless and Bluetooth headsets for music lovers which could be a step in the right direction.

It is speculated that the lack of the headphone jack is one of the ways to better make the phone waterproof. It is also a way to create more space for bigger batteries and even possibly increase the capacity of the phones without having to forego some important features to achieve this.

Home screen button

The traditional home screen button has been omitted in the iPhone 7. This has had a positive welcome because it has been replaced by Touch ID and a haptic response that gives the feel of pressing a button although the physical button has been removed.


iPhone 7 – Missing features