Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Saving Tips

samsung galaxy note 7 battery saving

One of the most annoying things is having a smart device that keeps running out of juice. No one wants to keep charging their device.

Luckily, the Galaxy Note 7 has a pretty big battery capacity, of 3500 mAh which, is more than sufficient to last the user a day. But there are some tips that one should keep in mind in order to have a longer-lasting battery life. These include:

1. Turning off applications that are not in use

Mobile applications use up a chunk of the battery life. Turning off every app that is not in use is a guaranteed way to conserve on the charge available in the Note 7.

2. Reducing the brightness of the screen

Another tip is to reduce the brightness of the screen to one that you are comfortable with. While this will help to save on some juice, it also helps to protect one’s eyes from extremely bright settings which are detrimental.

3. Turning off data while not in use

Unnecessary connectivity could be one of the main battery draining tools in the Note 7. Turn off data while not in use to save on battery.

4. Use Power Saving Mode

Samsung has been kind enough to introduce the power saving mode in its phones. This feature slows down the CPU, turns off touch key lights and lowers the frame rate. This helps to conserve a significant amount of your battery. The good thing about this mode is that it is very efficient especially when travelling.

5. Shorter Screen Time Out

A shorter screen time out means less time for the screen to be on. This translates into less of the battery charge being allocated to screen lighting and brightness as well as pop-up notifications.

Reducing the screen time out will therefore have an impact on the battery life although it may not be as significant as desired. But who doesn’t want to make the best use of their battery especially when it is low?

6. Make use of wireless charging and other perks in the Note 7

As with other Samsung phones, the Note 7 comes with its own specifications that make charging easier including wireless charging. Instead of waiting to get to a port, make use of wireless charging stations as they boost on the Note 7’s juice even if it is connected for a while. Quick Charge is another great feature that allows the Note 7 to charge considerable even over short periods of time.

7. Turn off Samsung features

Samsung is known to have a number of features that are always on. These use up the battery on your phone. Turning off these features is a guaranteed way of saving on your battery.


While losing battery charge is an occupational hazard when it comes to smart phones as there are so many processes running at any given point in time, it is possible to maximize on the Note 7’s battery capacity be using the above tips to make sure the battery lasts longer through the day.

Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Battery Saving Tips