HTC 10 prices – Everything you need to know

htc 10

For those who have considerable amounts as pocket change, it will not come as a disappointment that the HTC 10 will be going for a whopping $700. This is pretty close to the Galaxy S7 and the S7 Edge. I guess this means that the phone is competing in the big leagues. However, for those who are not able to buy the phone upfront from the manufacturer, you can opt to buy the handset from a carrier such as Verizon or even Sprint. There are different plans available through these carriers.


AT&T has not been on board with subsidizing the HTC flagship. So in place of this, buyers have been encouraged to buy the unlocked phone on although one would have to pay the full amount, $700 to purchase it.

On the other hand, with a promotion code then one would be able to get it at $100 cheaper. This locks out buyers from the next payment plans from AT&T which is the second largest wireless network in the USA.


T-Mobile has also not officially released the plans and payment arrangement that will be available for users who buy the handset through the carrier. In the past though, T-Mobile plans have been convenient and quite affordable. For the time being though, buyers will be able to access the T-Mobile carrier and their provider of choice once they buy the unlocked version from

The carrier is ready to have the handset in stores as soon as possible, judging from the epic unboxing 10,000 feet of the ground as a parallel to the underwater unboxing that they did with the S7.


Sprint has also not yet released the price list for the HTC 10. However, after covering switching fees of up to $650, the carrier promises to offer up to 50% savings on off what AT&T, Verizon and T-Mobile have to offer in terms of pricing and payment plans.


Verizon will be the first carrier to have the HTC 10. The carrier has not yet announced prices as well. However, the new phone is expected to start shipping in early May although buyers can already pre-order from the HTC site for the full price.


While carriers offer some good plans which allow buyers to experience the phone while at the same time paying a fee monthly to cover the purchase, sometimes it is better to pay upfront if your pocket allows you to. For those who are able to fork out the $700 full price or the $600 with the use of a coupon, it would be much better because you get the phone before others and you are able to use the handset with whichever carrier that you would like.

The purchase of a phone through a plan may spread out the payments but it also locks the phone to a specific network, which bars you from switching to another carrier unless the purchase plan is transferred to the new carrier. This can be somewhat of a hustle.

HTC 10 prices – Everything you need to know