10 Most Interesting Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is a decent phone. Even with the release of its successors, the S5 and the S6, the handset is still pretty nice. The function of the phone is great, running on a quad core processor. There are a number of apps that you can have on your Samsung Galaxy S4. The top most include:



Galaxy S4 Sensors

The app is available on Google Play for free. It senses the different elements, allowing the user to sense light, temperature and humidity among other elements. This helps one to get the perfect light settings for photographs or even predict the weather such as rain and dress accordingly.




Morecast is a great weather app that is available for Android phones. It has a great user interface and provides a clear and sensible layout. This app is free and features side by side weather comparisons for two cities. It is a must-have as it helps to know what weather is likely to be experienced wherever you are.

7 minute workout



This app helps in health and fitness. The 7 minute workout deals with short routines that are high in intensity to aid in loss of weight and improvement of cardiovascular function. This lifestyle app is one to have on your S4.

Action Launcher 3



Action Launcher 3 is a launcher app for android phones such as the S4. The launcher allows you to make changes and customize icons, home screen folders and app layout.

CSR Racing



CSR Racing is a super real racing game, running on the 1080 pixel resolution on the Galaxy S4. It provides the user with an experience that is available on gaming consoles. It is available on Google Play for free.

Magisto Video Editor and maker



It combines video clips and photos on your phone, pairs them with themes and background music to create some nice videos on your phone. You can download it on Google play free of charge.

Universal Remote



The universal remote app turns your S4 into a universal remote with compatibility with over 300, 000 devices. It can work on your TV and your set top box and is much cheaper than a normal universal remote. It is available at 2.49 Euros on Google Play.



For about $8 a month, you can stream your favorite shows and movies through the Netflix app. Entertainment is at the tip of your fingers through the app on your Galaxy S4.

Everything Home



Everything Home is an app that is available for free on Google Play. It guides you. All you do is speak into the app and it finds what you want or something related locally and online.

Floating browser



The floating browser is a free app from Google Play designed for the S4 and other android devices. It allows you to open web windows while still using some of the other screens for other tasks.

10 Most Interesting Apps for Samsung Galaxy S4

How To Recover Deleted Files On Android

It is very often observed that data is lost from the Android phones by some or the other means. The data can be deleted intentionally or accidentally, however, the impacts of the data deleted are same. One must understand that the range of deleted data can be even more from collapse to the virus attack. The general conception is that once the data is deleted, the data cannot be restored. However, this is not the case. The deleted files can be recovered from Android with multiple methods. Here is how you can recover the deleted data.


Android Data Recovery


Android Data Recovery is one of the most popular, trusted and effective methods of recovering the data from the Android. All you have to do is to download the software on your PC. The Android Data Recovery tool is a free tool that can be used for any android device.

How to recover the deleted data files


You can simply connect your Android Device to your PC to use the features. The connection can be established by the USB. Once you have installed the Android Data Recovery and connected the device with your PC, you can run the software. It will automatically search for all the deleted files for your Android Device. The intelligent system lists all the deleted files from the device from different category. The lost data list can be anything doc, multimedia or any other data. Once you have got the list, you simply need to select the data files you want to recover and select the data recover button. The Android Data Recovery would restore the deleted Data Files in your Android device. The most interesting part of the tool is that, it can even search the SD card in the Android device as well.


How it works


The tool basically scans all the deleted files and displays the list of all the files. This is one of the most effective methods of recovering data files from your Android Device. You can also create the data backup for the android device in case you want to avoid such circumstances in the future.


Other methods for recovery


There are scores of other methods available to recover data files. You can download the app or the tool in order to recover the lost files. However, the procedure of recovering and restoring the files in every case remain the same. The scanning of the deleted files and displaying the list feature is almost unique in all the methods. Basically, the tools work on the same principle to ensure that no data is lost due to intentional or unintentional mistakes. There are paid and free softwares as well. These softwares also offer different data backup features a well. One can use the backup plans to ensure the data is protected and no data is lost during any circumstances.


Data recovery is considered as one of the most important features and the Android Data Recovery and other tools can help to recover the deleted files and restore them with ease.

How To Recover Deleted Files On Android

LG G4 vs Sony Xperia Z

Smartphones are covering the bigger space in the market. However, as the numbers of phones are increasing, the stiff competition and high value in the market are equally increasing. LG and Sony are fiercely competing with the smartphones with incredible features and specifications. LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z are two phones that are often compared for their similarities in the market bucket and in similar ranges. Here is the full comparison of the LG G4 and Sony Xperia Z.



Both the phones are differently designed. Sony Xperia Z is a strong smartphone made of metal and LG G4 on the other contains full plastic body. However, as far as the design is concerned Sony Xperia Z moves ahead with the water resistant and dust resistant features as well.


Sony Xperia Z is a 5.2 inches phone as compared to 5.5 inches of LG G4. Even though both the phone are made of IPS LCD technology, the LG G4 ranks higher with the 1440*2560 pixel density as compared to 1080*1920 of Xperia Z. However, the later is not bad either. LG G4 is considered better smartphone with the display by the virtue of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 Protection.

lg g4


When it comes to the camera both the smartphones are equally placed. The Sony Xperia Z has a stunning 20.7 MP rear camera with features like Face Detection, Smile Detection, Digital Image Stabilization, Geo Tagging and others. However, the 16 MP rear camera of LG G4 isn’t bad either. It has the features like Optical Image Stabilization, Manual Focus, Auto focus among others. The Sony Xperia Z has 5.1 MP of Front Camera as compared to 8 MP Front Camera of LG G4.


This is perhaps the most interesting and important comparison of the smartphones. Sony uses Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 processor for the Xperia Z as LG sticks to the Qualcomm Snapdragon 808 processor. However, the speeds of the processor are quite comparable. The Adreno 430 graphic processor of Xperia Z gets inches ahead with Adreno 418 Graphic Processor of LG G4. The native memory of the phones are 32 GB, however, one both smartphone supports microSD card slot. As far as the hardware and the performance are concerned, both the phones are quite poised and can be clubbed under same category. However, Sony Xperia Z may get slight advantage due to extended features.


The battery performances of the phones are also quite comparable. Sony Xperia Z uses 2930 mAh battery and the LG G4 uses 3010 mAh. The performances of the battery are quite similar for both the smartphones.



The Sony Xperia Z has been launched with Android 5.1 Lollipop version. LG G4 is also launched with the same version but upgrade will be available once the Android N or Android Marshmallow 6.0 is released. 

Both phones can be bought locked or carrier free. The locked version is  a little cheaper but you can easily unlock it using an online service like UnlockUnit or UnlockBase.


Sony Xperia Z and LG G4 are good smartphones in terms of specifications and performance. The high quality and effective features rank the phones in the similar grade.

LG G4 vs Sony Xperia Z

Basic Security Tips For iPhone Users

At a time, when cybercrime is one the rise and security has taken the most crucial role, people look to secure their gadgets all the time. It is considered that the iPhones are secured. However, there is always scope of improvements. The recent hacking on the Apple proved that no gadget is secured. However, simple practices and the efforts can also enhance the security of the iPhone. Here are the simple tips that can improve the security of the iPhone.



People generally keep 4 digit digital code for unlocking the phone. However, strong password can eliminate the fear of hacking at the first place. The unlocking password is the first gateway and one must take it pretty seriously. A strong password with the combination of letters, numbers and symbols is most effective password for iPhone.

Lock Screen Notification


It does not matter how strong your password is, the lock screen notifications can always reveal some of your information. It is therefore best to disable the lock screen notification to give no ground to the hackers in case your iPhone is attacked. You can change it from the Settings within the Passcode section of the iPhone.

Two Step Verifications

You must turn on the two step verifications for the Apple ID and the iCloud services. These are the most vulnerable features of the iPhone and you must ensure tightest security possible for the sake of security. You can register another device that you control for the verification process and ensure highest security standard.


Siri is interesting and equally fascinating. However, you must disable the Siri when the screen is locked. This is the best practice for highest security standard. Also you must disable the activation of Siri with the voice command of “Hey Siri”. These are very significant security tips for the iPhones.

Auto Sync to iCloud


You must disable the auto sync to the iCloud. This can be very disastrous for the iPhone users. One must ensure that iCloud has only those data that you want, the auto sync feature can put everything there and that is very vulnerable indeed.

Wi-Fi Connections

The iPhone users generally have automatic Wi-Fi connections for the previously used or known networks. However, cybercrime can take place by using the fake network for Wi-Fi on the same ground to access your data. It is true that auto recognition and connection to the networks saves time and efforts but that can prone to hacking.

Apps and browsers

Your browsers have the options for cookies, turning those off can be very good security options. You can always turn off the auto fill options as well. You must not allow the apps to use your personal details in order to enhance the security.

Security Apps

There are ranges of security apps available free or paid for the iPhones. You can use the security apps to increase the security level even more. Security apps like mSecure, Lookout, Best Phone Security Pro, Foscam Surveillance Pro are few of the examples of the security apps.

You can ensure higher security of your iPhones with these simple tips.


Basic Security Tips For iPhone Users