All You Need To Know About Google Photos

Google has recently announced the enthralling Google Photos for the people across all the platforms. The unlimited service from Google is absolutely free and that lets you organize, store, share and edit photos with easy and simple steps. The features have been announced in the I/O 2015 conference. The best part of the Google Photos is that it is available for all the platforms including Android, IOS and your browsers. One must be wondering about the features about the Google Photos, so here are the features that have already become the buzz in the market.


Organize Photos in Google Photos


You take many photos and shoot videos from your smartphone. However, now you need not to worry about arranging and organizing them anyway. The photos and videos will be organized in the Google Photos directly. You can click the HD photos but that would be compressed and stored in the server. Once you click the photo from the library you would be able to see the HD image immediately. The images can be organized in various manners like dates of the capture, places and even people. So, you can select single person and see all the photos of the person. This is something incredible for the Google Photos.



You can easily share the photos from your library to any other in any platform. You can simply select a single photo and then touch the others to select. Once you are done with the selection of the photos, you have to get the URL. You can send the URL to your friend. The friend will be able to view the selected images from your Library in HD. However, if the friend holds a Google Account, then the same photos can be saved in his library as well. This is one of the most effective features from the Google Photos.



You can even edit the photos stored in Google Photos. Google gives you the options to add various effects to the photos. You can add light or shade to particular photos and then store it. However, this is not the it, you can even create collages with your photos and share it among your friends. The Google Photos have come up with many features as far as the editing and modifications are concerned. These features can be used to make us of the Google Photos to the maximum.




The features of the Google Photos do not end here as well. The Google Photos can also be used to back up your images and the videos as well. The never ending Google Photos features are increasing hopes among the users.

How to use

Google Photos can be pretty easily used. All one needs to do is to install the Google Photos App and it can be used. The App is available for all the platforms including Android and IOS. The interesting this is that it is free across all the platforms.

The demo for Google Photos has generated enough anticipation among the users and the features have made it one of the most desired app from the Google.

All You Need To Know About Google Photos

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