Top 3 Smartphones Hard To Be Hacked

It is difficult to stand out from the crowd and invest in a smartphone that is solely dedicated towards privacy and security. In this day and age, several factors determine the choice of a smartphone. The form factor, the features, camera, design, battery backup, and even the operating system plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a smartphone in the market. However, the problem with all modern smartphones is that they have a huge amount of privacy loop-holes and security risks that make them inherently dangerous to your private and sensitive data.

Even the most accomplished operating systems such as iOS and Android have a great deal of security risks that make them vulnerable to hackers. If security is your primary concern, you should invest in a smartphone that is not privacy oriented, but hard to be hacked. There are a lot of options in the smartphone market that promises high levels of security and privacy, but there are only a handful of models that truly deliver on their promise of ensuring the safety of your data and conversations. We took a close look at the most security oriented smartphones to come up with the top 3 smartphones hard to be hacked.

Blackphone 2 From Silent Circle


Blackphone 2 is a security oriented smartphone that was designed and developed by Silent Circle. Blackphone 2 runs on an advanced version of the Android OS, and has been modified by the developers to offer greater levels of security and convenience without making any compromises on the anticipated features list. The Blackphone 2 features a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, which provides it the essential speed and performance as expected from a smartphone. Measuring a healthy 5.5 inches, the Blackphone also comes with 32 GB internal storage along with additional storage options through a memory card. Blackphone 2 is high on the list for buyers looking for a secure and private smartphone without the associated drawbacks.

PRIV From BlackBerry


BlackBerry has been a company that was built on the foundation of security and privacy for professional mobile users. The company still concentrates their efforts on a smart and secure mobile device, and their latest Android offering, the PRIV, promises to offer the best in security and privacy. The PRIV runs on a 600 MHz GPU with a 64 bit Hexa-core processor and 3GB RAM. The phone also features a 32 GB internal storage with expandable memory options.

Lumia 950 From Microsoft


Windows phone is considered to be the most secure mobile OS platform by most security experts and mobile hackers. Potential hackers turn away from Windows phones due to multiple levels of security and the easy availability of other smartphone users from the iOS and Android OS categories. The Lumia 950 series is an amazing smartphone from Microsoft that offers a great deal of features at an attractive price point to give some of the accomplished smartphones in the market a run for their money.

Top 3 Smartphones Hard To Be Hacked

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