What Is The Most Complex Line Of C Code Ever Created?

C Programming language is the most used programming language so far in the world. It is basically an imperative or procedural language that supports Structured Programming and encourages cross-functional implementation. It is in use since Dennis Richie came out with the language and later made Unix Operating Systems on the basis of the same. This is the most used programming language and the presence of it can still be found out at the present day. The importance of the programming language can be understood with the fact that most of the Operating Systems are built on C Programming Language.


The language is in use for long times and there are many codes that have written so far. It is not that easy to pick the toughest line of code of C Language written ever. There are many codes that are high on complexity and tough. However, the Unix Kernel can be the toughest Line of Code written even on C Language.

Why is Unix Kernel the toughest line of C Code ever written?

It is very clear that other programmes in the system always use the Kernel API. So, the entire resources have to be managed by the Kernel of the OS. This is the toughest part of any OS, when it comes to controlling. The Kernel is responsible of majority of the work for the UNIX and has been written with some excellent and toughest piece of code in C Language.


The kernel is also the source of highly secured UNIX Operating System. It is very easy to understand that, kernel codes are associated with many security checkpoints and different logic and conditions.

Fast and Responsive

It needs to be interactive as well and at the same time must be very responsive and fast. C Language was used in UNIX at very early stage for the Kernel. This can be another reason that complexity of the code was even higher. As the technology progressed, people looked for simplified solutions. However, that does not take out ant credit out of C Language coding in the kernel of the UNIX or from the C Language.


The backend complexity is another aspect that makes the coding of the C Language tougher. However, when it comes to the Unix Kernel, it becomes even more complex considering the high complexity of the backend system. There are many levels of backward compatibility as well in the Unix Kernel that makes it very tough line of code for C Language.

However, as it is said, that there are always various opinions when it comes to technology. There is no parameter to read the toughness of programming and at eh same way, people put in their own thoughts for the toughest line of C Code ever written. The codes for Windows Kernel, Microsoft Office and Microsoft Excel also come for the toughest line of code. However, it is very difficult to include each and every opinion. The experts and the industry standard often consider the Kernel of Unix as the toughest line of code written in C Language.

What Is The Most Complex Line Of C Code Ever Created?

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