Is It Safe To Surf The Dark Web ?

Dark web is one of the most controversial aspects of the modern world. These are the websites that are run on the unindexed databases. So, in simple words, these are public websites that anyone can use. However, the IP addresses of the same will not be available anywhere and it is not possible to track down the servers that are running the websites. These websites cannot be crawled by the Search Engines as well.

How to use the Dark Web?


The Dark Web is generally made using the Tor Encryption Tool. This ensures that the IP addresses jumps several layers and appears to be different. When you are using such websites, Tor browsers should be used. It is a Tor Encryption that allows you to use the Dark Web with the same properties. However, you must know that even your IP address will be spoofed by the Tor browser. However, it is not necessary that all the Dark Webs are made of Tor Encryption tools. There are others based on I2P as well. However, the basic fundamental of accessing and visiting the sites remain the same, you need to use the same encryption tool.

Is it safe to use the Dark Web?

This is something very scary for the users. The name Dark Web itself gives the impression that how dangerous it can be. However, this is not the case. When we talk about the public web, we have plenty malwares, viruses and others. This is an equal threat for the users. The situation is same for the Dark Web as well. However, the risks of getting infected are higher than normal web. We have some secured and reputed websites in Public Web. However, nothing can be trusted in the dark world. But, the risks can be reduced by considerable amount and that can make accessing the Dark Web lot safer.

How to increase the safety of Dark Web?

Stealing online information

The first thing is that you should be very careful about the content you are using. You never know which may go against you. You should be very particular about the information you are using in the Dark Web. The email id should be a throwaway email that has never been used before. Also, make sure you have not used the id for any user id ever. It is always advisable not to provide any personal information on the dark web. You know that the risk is more and it is always better to be more careful. You can use Tails for better privacy and security as well. This ensures the privacy even in the dark web. It is always better not to download something from the Dark Web. You never know about the malicious items that are present across the Dark Web. The Dark Web is vulnerable, but some simple precautions can make it lot safer for you.

This is one of the most amazing parts of the internet. Dark Web is getting popular with each passing day and the safety concerns are also rising with the same.

Is It Safe To Surf The Dark Web ?

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