World Famous Hackers of All Time

There are many speculations and ideas about the hackers in real life. However, in reality hackers are very different. They are obviously geeks and tech savvy. They are so dedicated and proficient that they can breach the computer system. There have many such hackers in the world who are famous for their deeds. Here are top 7 famous hackers in the world of all time.


Jonathan James


He was sentenced to jail when he was only 16 years old for hacking. He stunned the entire world at this young age. Jonathan James created a backdoor for the Defense Threat Reduction Agency Server. This is responsible for securing the threat for the Department of Defense of the United States. With the backdoor, Jonathan created a way to access the emails and employee user name and passwords as well. He went on to hack NASA Computers and stole software worth $1.7 million. NASA was forced to shut down the computers due to the same. He however later said that the code did not worth $1.7 million. He now says that he understood his mistake and would love to start computer security business in life.


Adrian Lamo


He is one of the hackers who is famous for his ability to hack computer systems and let the organization known about the flaws. Adrian has hacked into major companies like The New York Times, Microsoft, Yahoo, Bank of America, Citigroup and others. However, things got serious when he hacked NY Times as he added his name in the list of experts as well. He was served with hefty fine and six months house arrest. He now works as journalist and speaker.




He started his hacking with hacking Los Angeles Bus Punch Card systems for cost free riding. However, he went on to hack many other computer systems. However, things got serious when he hacked Digital Equipment Corporation. He has even hacked the national defense security warning systems as well. He was convicted for his offenses.




He is one of the most famous hackers in the world. He hacked the phone lines of the LA Radio’s KIIS-FM phone. He got a brand new Porsche for the same. He was however more into hacking phone lines that computer networks. He was convicted for his crimes as well. After serving the terms, he now works as a Journalist.


Steven Wozniak

steven wozniak

He is the other “Steve” of the Apple. The Co-Founder of Apple is also famous for his hacking. He once hacked telephone switching system bypassing and made blue boxes that would make the free calls over long distances. He then applied everything to make a secured and strong computer. His contribution is immense in Apple.


Robert Tappan Morris


Morris is famous for creating the Morris Worm. This was done through hacking and the worms were released in the computers. It can eventually make the computer useless. He served his punishment and now works as professor.




He caught hacking the Oxford University system and was banned for using the computers. He however went on to for the World Wide Web or WWW that is the most common thing in the internet now.

These hackers have raised the bar of technology and increased the level of security in the computer networks as well.

World Famous Hackers of All Time

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