All You Need To Know About Google Photos

Google has recently announced the enthralling Google Photos for the people across all the platforms. The unlimited service from Google is absolutely free and that lets you organize, store, share and edit photos with easy and simple steps. The features have been announced in the I/O 2015 conference. The best part of the Google Photos is that it is available for all the platforms including Android, IOS and your browsers. One must be wondering about the features about the Google Photos, so here are the features that have already become the buzz in the market.


Organize Photos in Google Photos


You take many photos and shoot videos from your smartphone. However, now you need not to worry about arranging and organizing them anyway. The photos and videos will be organized in the Google Photos directly. You can click the HD photos but that would be compressed and stored in the server. Once you click the photo from the library you would be able to see the HD image immediately. The images can be organized in various manners like dates of the capture, places and even people. So, you can select single person and see all the photos of the person. This is something incredible for the Google Photos.



You can easily share the photos from your library to any other in any platform. You can simply select a single photo and then touch the others to select. Once you are done with the selection of the photos, you have to get the URL. You can send the URL to your friend. The friend will be able to view the selected images from your Library in HD. However, if the friend holds a Google Account, then the same photos can be saved in his library as well. This is one of the most effective features from the Google Photos.



You can even edit the photos stored in Google Photos. Google gives you the options to add various effects to the photos. You can add light or shade to particular photos and then store it. However, this is not the it, you can even create collages with your photos and share it among your friends. The Google Photos have come up with many features as far as the editing and modifications are concerned. These features can be used to make us of the Google Photos to the maximum.




The features of the Google Photos do not end here as well. The Google Photos can also be used to back up your images and the videos as well. The never ending Google Photos features are increasing hopes among the users.

How to use

Google Photos can be pretty easily used. All one needs to do is to install the Google Photos App and it can be used. The App is available for all the platforms including Android and IOS. The interesting this is that it is free across all the platforms.

The demo for Google Photos has generated enough anticipation among the users and the features have made it one of the most desired app from the Google.

All You Need To Know About Google Photos

What To Expect From The New LG G5

LG has always released its flagships after Samsung and other major brands which has affected the purchases. This year, it is not given that LG will either do as it has in the recent past or if it will release the LG G5 earlier than other competing power houses. The release date however, is rumored to be within the first six months of 2016 with the announcement rumored to be in February, noting that LG has announced an event one day before the MWC.

Specifications, Design and Function


The phone is expected to be an all metal unibody. This is the first time LG is using the all metal approach. The furthest LG has come to incorporating a metal design on their phones is the use of a metal casing. The 2K display is expected to be 5.5 inches which is quite sizeable although the resolution is expected to be the same, at 1440 by 2560 pixels.

The LG G5 is said to have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 and 32 GB storage.

The primary camera is rumored to be 20 MP. The rear camera may have two LED flash bulbs and an autofocus that is laser-assisted. In addition to this, it is also rumored that LG G5 will use a dual camera that takes wide angle photos. The front camera is expected to be 8 MP. It is hoped that the front camera will be able to take high quality photos in high and low light environments, solving a problem that has been noted in other high end smart phones from different manufacturers. The LG G5 is expected to have a finger print scanner under the camera. LG had hinted at using retina scanning technology in their new models in order to distinguish it from Samsung and Apple phones. Retinal scanning may be used for functions such as authenticating mobile payments and other sensitive phone transactions. The camera is one of the best features of LG phones so it will not disappoint.

The phone is unlikely to have a removable battery or micro SD support. This is then contradicted by the rumor that the phone may have a SIM-car-like tray where one places the battery and slides it in, making the battery accessible through the all-metal frame. Rumor has it that the battery will reduce from 3000 mAh to 2800 mAh although it is not yet clear what such a change would mean for the processor and functioning of the phone. In addition, the LG G5 is rumored to have a magic slot which will give the user access to other hardware options such as a physical keyboard and sound amplifiers.


For those waiting for this flagship, February is around the corner and we can only hope that LG will announce the phone and shed light on what exactly will be on the LG G5. Release dates and pricing will also be available at the announcement. Hopefully LG will give users something to look forward to, especially because Samsung and Apple usually announce and release their flagships around the same time.

What To Expect From The New LG G5

LG’s Bendable Displays Are Here

Electronic consumables have changed the way we perceive things. New and innovative technological advancements have allowed us to witness our world in different light, and have become one of the most creative outlets for the modern mind. One of the newest trends in the electronics industry is to provide curved and flexible screens for modern devices that range from smartphones to large televisions.

Several companies such as Sony and Samsung have been attempting a wide range of curved designs that have rather appealed greatly to a large group of consumers. However, it is LG that stands a great chance of revolutionising the concept by offering flexible and bendable displays.

Yes, it is now possible to roll up our televisions like a large sheet of paper and store them away for travel or storage, and only take them out when we they are needed. There are multiple practical applications of flexible and bendable screens, and LG has come up with a radical concept in OLED technology that allows us to bend or roll up a screen without affecting the screen in any manner. These screens are extremely thin, and are also considered to be extremely light. Although still in a development phase, we can expect LG to resolve the issues over the next few months to display a complete prototype that will have all niggles and problems ironed out, quite literally.

Organic Light Emitting Diode (OLED) technology has made it possible for electronics manufacturers to come up with some unique designs for televisions, smart phones, and other electronics, but LG has taken a step further and has released a prototype television that actually works. LG already sells a curved smartphone, the LG G Flex, which is the world’s first curved smartphone. If LG manages to commercialize and develop a viable flexible screen, the opportunities for a flexible smartphone, tablet, or even a personal computer are many.


Apart from the form factor, and the ability to transport or store them easily, flexible screens also help in preventing damage, and can be considered as more durable than traditional televisions and smart phones. Flexible screens will have the ability to absorb impacts, and can be flexible against a wide variety of problems that arise out of daily usage. Flexible displays also allow buyers to make use of their existing space more effectively, and will certainly help homeowners to make use of under-utilised space within their homes.

Companies such as Samsung and Apple have been promising this technology for their smartphones for the past few years, but we are yet to see a working prototype. LG, on the other hand, should be commended for their efforts into actually developing such a flexible and bendable display, and we can expect even more revolutionary ideas from this company in the coming years.

LG’s Bendable Displays Are Here

What Antivirus Should I Use?

Antiviruses are usually the most essential, but the least credited software in the entire technology arena. Antiviruses are essential programs for all types of computers as well as mobile devices due to the extent of hacking and malicious programs being released on a periodic basis. Most modern PCs and laptops come bundled with an antivirus software along with a year’s worth of subscription, however, most users rarely extend their subscription beyond the initial period.


To stay safe from malicious programs and harmful viruses that have the ability to inflict serious damage, you should opt for an antivirus that has been tried and tested to offer the maximum protection. Antiviruses are always evolving according to the latest threats and viruses and are expected to be proactive in protecting your device from all programs with malicious intent.


As far as choosing an antivirus goes, don’t take a leap of faith and hope for the best. You can’t simply choose an antivirus program because it did wonders for your friend or colleague. Individual requirements vary, but from a user’s perspective, there are a few antiviruses that will be able to help you stay protected from most threats.


Bitdefender Total Security


Bitdefender is one of the most popular antiviruses, and has been ruling the rooster for many years. Bitdefender offers complete protection for your PC, and is known to update its virus definitions frequently to keep you protected from even the most advanced and latest threats. Although Bitdefender is a bit resource intensive, it offers a great deal of features and conveniences without affecting the performance of your PC in any manner. Bitdefender Total Security can cost you $58.47, and is one of the most cost-effective antiviruses in the market.


Kaspersky Antivirus


Kaspersky is a light-weight antivirus that takes up the least amount of resources for offering the maximum protection against new antiviruses and malware. Kaspersky comes in as the second best antivirus to Bitdefender, and is also hugely popular among both home as well as business users. Kaspersky Antivirus is available in three different subscription packages, the Antivirus package, the Internet Security package, and the Total Security package. These packages cost $59.99, $79.99, and $99.99 respectively, but they do offer seasonal discounts and offers, especially for longer subscriptions.


McAfee Antivirus


McAfee is a popular antivirus among users who use multiple devices, as McAfee supports unlimited installations. The one year subscription for McAfee stands at $44.99, easily making it one of the most affordable and feature-rich antiviruses in terms of competition. McAfee also supports a wide range of functionalities that offer added protection against new virus threats and malware.


Norton Security


Norton is an established and trusted antivirus software that offers a great deal of features, albeit with a slight dip in system performance. Norton is a huge software, and has one of the most exhaustive set of virus definitions and functionalities that will eat up system resources. However, the added benefits will outweigh the small drawbacks, and it will only cost you $49.99 for a yearly subscription.


What Antivirus Should I Use?

Top 3 Smartphones Hard To Be Hacked

It is difficult to stand out from the crowd and invest in a smartphone that is solely dedicated towards privacy and security. In this day and age, several factors determine the choice of a smartphone. The form factor, the features, camera, design, battery backup, and even the operating system plays a crucial role in ensuring the success of a smartphone in the market. However, the problem with all modern smartphones is that they have a huge amount of privacy loop-holes and security risks that make them inherently dangerous to your private and sensitive data.

Even the most accomplished operating systems such as iOS and Android have a great deal of security risks that make them vulnerable to hackers. If security is your primary concern, you should invest in a smartphone that is not privacy oriented, but hard to be hacked. There are a lot of options in the smartphone market that promises high levels of security and privacy, but there are only a handful of models that truly deliver on their promise of ensuring the safety of your data and conversations. We took a close look at the most security oriented smartphones to come up with the top 3 smartphones hard to be hacked.

Blackphone 2 From Silent Circle


Blackphone 2 is a security oriented smartphone that was designed and developed by Silent Circle. Blackphone 2 runs on an advanced version of the Android OS, and has been modified by the developers to offer greater levels of security and convenience without making any compromises on the anticipated features list. The Blackphone 2 features a 1.7 GHz octa-core processor and 3 GB of RAM, which provides it the essential speed and performance as expected from a smartphone. Measuring a healthy 5.5 inches, the Blackphone also comes with 32 GB internal storage along with additional storage options through a memory card. Blackphone 2 is high on the list for buyers looking for a secure and private smartphone without the associated drawbacks.

PRIV From BlackBerry


BlackBerry has been a company that was built on the foundation of security and privacy for professional mobile users. The company still concentrates their efforts on a smart and secure mobile device, and their latest Android offering, the PRIV, promises to offer the best in security and privacy. The PRIV runs on a 600 MHz GPU with a 64 bit Hexa-core processor and 3GB RAM. The phone also features a 32 GB internal storage with expandable memory options.

Lumia 950 From Microsoft


Windows phone is considered to be the most secure mobile OS platform by most security experts and mobile hackers. Potential hackers turn away from Windows phones due to multiple levels of security and the easy availability of other smartphone users from the iOS and Android OS categories. The Lumia 950 series is an amazing smartphone from Microsoft that offers a great deal of features at an attractive price point to give some of the accomplished smartphones in the market a run for their money.

Top 3 Smartphones Hard To Be Hacked

The Coolest VR Gadgets – Virtual Reality Is Within Our Reach

Virtual Reality is considered as the most important innovation in the field of consumer technology. Virtual reality gadgets are no longer a mere concept and has quickly managed to capture the imagination of mainstream technology buyers from all over the world. There are several gadgets available for gamers, designers, and developers that offers new platforms to enjoy a multitude of games, videos, and a wide variety of other entertainment media in a never-seen-before experience.

According to current industry trends, smartphone and tablet users rarely shop around for virtual reality gadgets, but all of that is set to change with the intervention of large multi-national corporations, who have started adopting several gadgets into their marketing strategies. Companies and major publishing houses are also using virtual reality gadgets as part of their services portfolio, and are enticing their customers to adopt this vibrant technology moving forward.

The market is inundated with several virtual reality gadgets for several devices, but there are few outstanding devices that are really worth investing in. Some of these virtual reality gadgets include Oculus Rift VR, Samsung VR Headset, Microsoft Hololens, Google Cardboard, and FOVE, among many others. Let us take a close look at the most popular VR gadgets available right now.

Oculus Rift VR


Oculus Rift is a virtual reality gadgets designed for dedicated gaming on a Windows PC. Oculus Rift is one of the leading VR gadgets that is considered to be the best among the current crop of gadgets available in the market right now. With an immersive virtual reality experience and a great set of useful and responsive controllers, the Oculus Rift VR has all the makings of being the next big thing in Virtual Reality. Oculus VR was designed and developed by a team of highly capable designers, who believe in constant innovation and incorporation of media feedback to ensure that they launch the best virtual reality gadget in the marketplace. The painstaking attention to detail and the quality of materials used is a testimony to the fact that Oculus Rift and GEAR VR has garnered much hype and attention to become a popular tool in the entertainment industry.

Samsung VR Headset

samsung vr

Samsung VR Headset is Samsung’s own attempt at creating a dedicated virtual reality gadget for their range of smartphones that include the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 and the Samsung Galaxy S 6 and S6 Edge. It is designed and developed in conjunction with Oculus as a GEAR VR, and comes as a strap on headset into which you can you strap your smartphone for a virtual reality experience. The only drawback is that the Samsung VR Headset is only compatible with the latest range of smartphones, therefore, previous generation Samsung smartphone users will not be able to enjoy the virtual reality experience.

Microsoft Hololens

microsoft vr

Microsoft Hololens takes a different approach to virtual reality, and instead of designing a support gadget for an existing device, Microsoft has developed an entirely new concept that acts as a self-sustaining Windows 10 computer integrated into a cordless smart-glass headset. It is capable of a simulating a wide range of movements and hand gestures by using multiple sensors and controllers. Microsoft Hololens is by far the most expensive virtual reality gadget in the market.

Things are looking bright for the virtual reality concept. With time and future development, virtual reality gadgets are guaranteed to become more utilitarian as well as affordable for the common man.

The Coolest VR Gadgets – Virtual Reality Is Within Our Reach

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors – New Features, Expected Price & Launch Date

Samsung has been facing the heat with declining sales and a lackluster performance from their halo model, the Samsung Galaxy S6. Although the model looked to be an improvement over the S5, at least on paper, it lost a rather good amount of ground against its main rival, the iPhone 6S.


So, What’s New For The Galaxy S7?

Samsung promises a host of features for its flagship model, and looks on track to tackle the iPhone 6S by providing great features and conveniences. The iPhone 7 also promises to up the ante, therefore, Samsung has gone back to the drawing board to dream up features that will be designed to sustain any amount of pressure from the market leading iPhone models.

If rumors are to be believed, one of the most important features on Galaxy S7 would be the return of the water resistant feature, which was one of the major selling points for Galaxy S5. For reasons unknown, Samsung had removed this essential feature from the Galaxy S6 model, which had led to criticisms from all quarters. The iPhone 7 is also rumored to be water resistant, which makes sense for Samsung to entice new buyers by adding this vital feature on all of their future flagship models.

The screen might also see some changes, with some sources pointing towards a curved screen to complement the Edge models. We may also see two different models in terms of screen size, with the Edge model getting a screen size of 5.5 inches when compared to the 5.2 inches of the regular model.


Samsung is also working on increasing the existing battery life of their Samsung Galaxy S7 model by opting for a slightly larger battery. Samsung is believed to be contemplating a 3000 mAh battery for the Galaxy S7, and a 3600 mAh battery for the Galaxy S7 Edge. This is a significant improvement over the regular 2550 mAh and 2600 mAh batteries for the S6 and S6 Edge models respectively. The downside to this upgrade is that charging takes longer, and the thickness of the phone increases by a millimeter or two.

Another expected feature for the Samsung Galaxy S7 model is the option of a MicroSD slot that is capable of increasing the storage up to 200GB. This could be a significant selling point for the S7, especially if iPhone 7 restricts their buyers’ options to the standard range of 16, 64, and 128 GB models.

Samsung is also expected to play it safe with the camera, and instead of increasing the megapixels, it is widely anticipated that the Galaxy S7 model will reduce the megapixels to 12 MP from the existing 16 MP. This will also accompany a reduction in aperture ratio to f/1.7 for better picture quality and motion sensing.

The Anticipated Launch Date & Reception

The Samsung Galaxy S7 is expected to be launched during Q1 2016, and according to strong rumors from company insiders, the phone will be launched on February 21, 2016. Samsung hopes to sell the Galaxy S7 in great numbers, but the true sale numbers can only be gauged after the launch of the much awaited iPhone 7 model, which is scheduled for sometime later this year.

Samsung Galaxy S7 Rumors – New Features, Expected Price & Launch Date