What a Person from the 15th Century Will be Able to do With an iPhone?

The world is moving ahead with rapid speed. The technology, lifestyle and thinking of people are changing within years. The generation gap is created on the basis of few years due to the rapid growth. However, how this technology could impact our past can be very interesting. It may be imaginary and hypothetical in terms of technology and science but very interesting.

If the Leonardo Da Vinci, one of the most scholars of yesterday found an iPhone, what would have happened in the fifteenth century? Well, of course, he should be one of the many who would have maximized the use of it. Well, we have to assume that the iPhone is in working conditions and he somehow understands to operate it at least. Otherwise, the use will be hovering over the metal, glass and the language decode. But of course, the internet cannot be an option in it.


Silica in solid form that too very tough

The Glass at the front would have been the most curious thing for Da Vinci. He would have tried to understand the glass and would have understood the importance of glass for protection. The iPhone on 15th century could have inspired Da Vinci to introduce the system of glass wrapped protection. He could have used the same for the paintings and may be other things well. It could very well inspire the idea of framing as well considering the back of the iPhone, especially for the paintings.



This could have been the most amazing part. Whenever he would have touched the screen, it would have popped for some or the other design for a passcode. Well, it would have nothing less than a top secret for Da Vinci as well. But the touch screen might have made him realize the power of sensors. Even though it could have been very difficult to understand a thing about the touchscreen but Da Vinci could have been convinced that secret has been passed to him to unlock the mystery of the world.



The display messages could have made Da Vinci, even more, confused and convinced about something very important. Display messages like ‘Wrong Pattern’, “Low Battery” would have forced him to think about the piece of the box that wants to communicate with him. Well, not sure whether the English language was the same as it is today, but figuring out the messages would not have been very difficult for a scholar like Da Vinci even at that time.



Well, these could have paved some way to understand about the iPhone. If he would have managed to open the back of iPhone, then the instructions written over the battery and other parts of the phone could have helped him to understand a bit about it. However, the chip slot and others should have confused him more.

Well, it is hard to say that whether he would have been able to figure out something about the iPhone. But there is no doubt, he would have figured out many other things from the same and would have continued his research. But above all, there would have a painting on iPhone for sure.


What a Person from the 15th Century Will be Able to do With an iPhone?

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